Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tears fall

Too me I think its okay to cry sometimes. When I cry I feel better afterwards. Speaking on the topic of "Crying" I was crying not to long ago for like a good hour. But we not gon get into why I was crying cause I was just going through a emotional moment thats all. If ya know what I mean? Where you just sit and think about shit than few minutes later tears are falling and you cant stop them. Yeah well that. Everybody has those moments right?? If not you will sooner or later. LoL. I cried so many times I lost count. Sometimes its sad that I cry so much, but I know deep down inside if I hold my tears in im only gon feel worst. Feel me? If you dont understand me just try to ok?

**This below is just something I wrote off the top of my head but its so true**

Its called "I Cried"........
I cried when I felt I was in a wolrd all alone
I cried when I had nothing
I cried when I thought I couldnt be strong
I cried when people I loved died
I cried when shit wasnt working out for me
I cried when my feelings got hurt
I cried when I made mistakes
I cried when I didnt know what to do
I cried when I thought it was the end of the world
I cried when people didnt understand me
I cried when I thought the bad dream I had was reality
I cried when my heart got broken
I cried when people walked out my life
I cried when I was really upset
I cried when I was stressed


Are those stupid reasons to cry for??? Well to me they arent. Shit I told yall im emotional. Someday I should get over that stage of being emotional. I dont think I ever will though. Cause thats just me.

Shoot I dont hold my tears back for nobody. And when im crying and somebody comes to me and say "Toya dont cry its gonna be okay" That just makes me cry even harder. Sometimes I dont even wanna be hugged while crying. I like to cry alone. Feel me?

**You can be strong on the outside and always cry on the inside.**

Like some days I be so sad for plenty of reasons but I dont show it so instead I be strong and put on a smile on the outside when deep down inside im crying though. But that dont always work everytime im sad so sometimes I just let the tears come out and fall.

Well thats gonna be it for this blog cause im tired of talking about "crying"!

Let me know....
What was your reasons for all the times you cried?


pink said...

i cried EVERYTIME my ex stood me up or didnt call or just pissed me off. for 7 years i cried about every little thing he did that hurt me..i creid when i thought about bein without him and when we broke up bc i found out he had another gf...i didnt shed a single tear....isnt that crazy?

Da Hunni Toya said...

aWW I was the same way wit my babyfather.
Yea that is krazy but sometimes when we had enough we just dont cry.

Anonymous said...

omg toya i wªz feeling this same way the other day like び read my mind I'm not even lieing about that yo i been going threw a lot in i have them same kind of days like び Υu are not the only one tha crys girl i put on a smile just like び in i be crying inside smh Y that is some real shit right there but let me not tell my whole life story but I'm out of this shit lol

Teems said...

Im a water bucket! lol I just cry....for me, for others, for TV. Mostly out of frustration and feeling sad for myself. Im usually able to pull those tears from past experiences. For instance, one bad thing happens I relate it as some sort of punishment...mentally adding up all the bad things that has happened to me. therefore asking "why me?" We all know that what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger!

Da Hunni Toya said...

thankx for the comments everybody

A.M. said...

I cried when I got my heart broken for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time-the liat goes on- by the same "boy." I cried at all the broken promises, the lies, the frustrations, the sadness, his leaving. But its okay cause I cry at my major accomplishments, I cry when I realize how loved I am, I cry on my birthday when I see how many people really love me :)

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL. Emotional Sexy Scorpios!

Babes, those are all good reasons to cry. Trust me, it gets easier to let people go when they walk out on you and it gets easier to dismiss the feelings that come along with being misunderstood, then comes the time when you won't cry about those things anymore. That's when you realize that you are grown for real and that in the end all you need is God and you are stronger than you once thought.


Mz.Hopeful said...

I cried when I was with my ex cuz he brought out the worst of me. He always made me feel like shit. But its funny cuz when I left I cried cuz I felt lost, its like I was used to him. Now I am so relived but I still cry cuz I feel lonely at times and the i still feel the pain. Great blog. I love it.