Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Talking

I Told yall I was gonna proballii post another blog before sunday is over.Here it is 11:14pm sunday and Im just sitting here thinking about what happened in my pass. Alot of bad and alot of good. Plenty mistakes but no regrets. And I'll learned alot from all my mistakes. I aint gon lie I've hurted people in the pass. So forsho I learned from that. Cause I moved on or whatever and I ended up getting hurt. Yes Karma is one hella of bitch.Who dont believe in Karma?? Cause what goes around comes around and thats a dam true fact. But shit happens for a reason. Understand? Where im at in my life today is all for a reason. I can never live with any regrets cause what had happen in my pass at one point I wanted it to happen. So why should I regret??? Get what im saying. I live each one of these days like its my last cause you only get one life. And imma live it up and yall should do the same dont let nobody bring you down.
Dam I need a good drink right now. I just want a smirroff ice any flavor will do. LoL. If you have too many of those you will be drunk as hell. I drink them like they soda. So yummy.

Do you ever get tired of certain people at times?? Hell I do like one of my friends im not gon put her on full blast but she's not on this blog shit but she proballii read my blogs though cause I put my link in my aim "away message". WEll yeah this chick just be getting on my nerves sometimes LOL.Is friends suppose to get on your nerves??? Yup I guess so. I just dont understand her sometimes. She be making me wanna spaz out on her with her dam spilt personality one minute she nice as hell and than the next she got a attitude with me cause she mad at the world, but I just keep my kool. Cause I dont like hurting people feelings really unless I feel I should or they hurt mines and I most def dont like hurting my friends feelings.Im being a good friend by not spazzin out on her ass but keep in mind that I can only take so much. So when I get to that point OHH hell yes imma spaz on her ass. But until than imma just accept the fact that maybe she's going through alot with life who knows cause she dont tell me shit and when I ask questions all I get is attitude. So im falling back. Feel me? Okay here's the .............**Update on Jay**
This dude is IDK what to say about him cause one he still hasnt told me where he work. Like wtf?? When is he ever gon tell me?? I hope he knows I still want to know. Well on saturday afternoon when I was leaving upstate he texted me that he wanted to see me so I texted him I was upstate and he was like alright. So I texted him when I got back to boring ass brooklyn and he havent texted me back yet. Oh well I dont care he cant be my man anteeways I just love his car though. OMG I need to stop. I will not use him for his car. But would it hurt if I asked him to drive me places??? and Pick me up from places???. Hell I wouldnt do that cause he aint even my type. If I had it in my heart I would still his dam car lol. Naw Chill I wouldnt do that either. I know what he wants from me just by him texting me one day last week asking "where the live pictures at"?. (In other words where the naked pictures at send me some.) He bugging out and I told him that too. He will never see me naked I know that and next time he text me I would make sure to tell him we will never be nothing more than friends. I should of never gave his ass my number to begin with. What a mistake I made. Now I learned from it.

Shaking my fucking head at niggahs these days.....

Omfg here is the........**Update on my Babyfather** Where should I start?? OH he still alive thank god but still spending money on his girlfriend and telling me about it too..isnt that sweet?????? Hell naw that shit aint sweet. Would I be wrong if I saw him in the street and I just went across his head with something hard like a brick??? I dont think I would be wrong maybe that brick would knock some sense in his head. Niggah gon make me catch a case for real. He needs to grow up. His dumb ass wanna live with his girlfriend. He swear he can hide shit from me but naw I got sources and shit. I dont know why he hiding that he live with his girlfriend anteeways?? oh cause he ashamed I bet. He should be cause he aint doing shit with his life just messing it up. He cliams he going to school. I gotta see that shit with my own eyes cause thats just too hard to believe and he never told me what school he go to. Hmmm imma gonna find out though and see whats up. I need to stop being nosey LoL. Naw he just need to get his shit together. Right??. well enough talking about that lame.

Long blog huh?? Im sorry lol just had alot to say thats all.


lovelee said...

thanks for the love hunny [;
nice pg as well <3

TaWaNNa said...

び kno i had to leave a comment but damn i dont kno what to say about your bbf in his girl like these niggas love to play house in shit lol na let me stop but if he spending money on the next bitch in not taking care of his son he is a ₪Ø good nigga true story but when times get hard or they lock up who that want to call in ask Hφω my kids is doing in shit na fuck that the niggas be out running the street in not taking care of they kids in shit worrying about the next bitch smh @ these ₪Ø GD fathers Y び got me started but I'm going end this damn thing lmao

Super Woman said...

i wanna fight ya baby father so bad ...toya let me fight him can i fight him please? he wont win because if he hit me im gonna cut him....