Sunday, October 26, 2008

Live your life

Every once in a while it wont hurt to party and drink right??. I say live everyday like its your last cause tomorrow isnt promised. That dont mean drink everyday okay. Get what im saying???. . So im living my life to the fullest **I love my life* and everybody should love theirs cause you only get ONE LIFE and you should enjoy it. I love to drink, party and have a good time on some weekends. I must say this weekend was a good one for me.

I was just like so down(sad) I dont even know why. Wait I do know why. Shit just aint going like I want it to, but I know my days will get better. Imma just stand strong. Well anteeways back to what I was saying about friday. I just needed a drink so I had three BJ koolers. Yup I had three. LoL. Oh I call the koolers BJ but its called Barne & Janes well something like that. I forgot the name so I just call them BJ's. Yeah those my shits. They got so many flavors. Hmmm makes me want one now but im not gonna get one. Well I was a lil tipsy on friday after I had those three koolers than after that I had one cup of bacardi and than I was sound to sleep. I didnt even know I was going to sleep. Gesh I wanted to blast some music not fall asleep. LoL.

Well on Saturday(yesterday)..OMG I was just having a rough afternoon day. Babyfather girlfriend talking about she fucking two months pregnant. Cant believe it!!!
Thought-How the fuck he gon get the lil 16 year old girl pregnant when he dont do shit for our son??.......

UGHHH...back to what I was saying. So yeah my day wasnt going so great thankx to that news. Shoot I was in need of a drink after that. Yup so my homegirl/chicka Amirh came over to my house yesterday night. Than we went to the liquior store than back to my house and thats how the party started. LoL Wasnt really a party but thats what I like to call it everytime we get together cause we just be acting krazy. Daquan was even having fun with us with his juicy juice until I told him time for bed. Yup he needs to go to bed at a decent time (8pm). LoL but that aint work so he end up laying in bed playing with his feet until he fell alseep around 9 or 9:30.

After lil man went to sleep we still listening to music and shit drinking crap. Started IM'n people on aim. Spelling words all wrong and shit. LMAO. Who doesnt have errors with words while drunk?? We even invited people to come party with us but everybody had a excuse for not coming. But my cuzzin and his friend came. HMMMMMMM they krazy and loud. But we all had a good time. That Grey Goose aint no joke.I just kept drinking it and it creeped up on me and so I was more drunk than I already was from drinking smirr off vodka and two BJ's. Started calling people "Beyonce" LoL dont ask me why, shoot I was drunk. Than I hear them saying "nomore to drink toya give me your cup". LMAO that was too funni. Cause soon as my cuzzin turned his head I drank his cup of grey goose. And than he like" what happen to my grey goose" lol I drank it DUH. Shoot thought you was gon take my cup away from me and I not grab somebody elses??? must of been krazy than. Cause im krazy LMAO. Yeah thats my definition of having a good time with family and friends. Just laughing, joking and shit. Makes me happy just having fun thats all.

Dont drink too much though.Thankful I aint throw up. EWWW thats nasty. But I have threw up a couple of times when I was drunk before. Haha and I said I wasnt gon drink nomore guess I lied to myself cause last night I sure did it up. But Im not drinking no more until my 20th birthday on November 12th which is a couple of weeks away. Imma do it up on that day too but imma stick to one drink and thats gonna be maybe Grey goose not sure yet. Well if yall want to get me something and dont know what to get me I wouldnt mind a VISA CARD, CASH, PAMPERS, SNEAKERS, WIPES, CLOTHES, and an IPOD TOUCH. LMAO im just kidding. Well thats my birthday wish list.

well anteeways
..................Today when I woke up I still felt drunk but not like I was last night though. Aint go to sleep until 4 this morning. And now my ass wide awake. What in the hell....

Who doesnt like to have fun????????

ending this blog with a quote "Life is what you make it"


Super Woman said...

OoOoOhhh TOYAAAA!!! Getting drunk and shit!! Well heres something you didnt know when im in NY and you hit me up and i aint doing shit i aint got no excuses LOL HIT ME UP!! we gonna act a fool. But yeah life is what you make it and when you just have close friends and relatives around you and yall are partying with music and drinks you always end up having more fun than you do going out. THATS CRAZY RIGHT???

(vixenchick) said...

OMG ya baby daddy is gross! why in the hell would he get a 16 yr old pregnant?



LOVELEE. said...

lol, that's what the liquior can do to you.

A.M. said...

woop woop...goooooo Beyonce lol. i do crazy shit like that with her name all the time, but that's just because I love her so much.

Men are a big whatever. Doesn't it just shock u how quickly they move on. SMH

Feel better... "Trouble ain't gon be here everyday"

Danielle said...

I'm definitely a big supporter of live everyday like it's your last and hey there's nothing wrong with gettin' your drank on every now and then ;-)

Teems said...

Thats right girl. If you gon drink. know your limit. dont mix. barfin and cute.

@ your BD. wooow. no comment.

Im a November baby too! yay! Im on the 25th.

Nellz said...

wow what a weekend you had! yea and the news about ur babyfather getting another girl preggy sucks...geez I know how that can feel...well he is only putting more stress on his life..everything u do today determines your future! and ur ass need to make sure ur around friends while drunk cause dat ass is crazy..hehe Be safe mama...and Lil man was like damn why i cant stay up and chill and shit..smhh give him nuff kisses