Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well I must admit I am crazy. That's only because push me to that level. But for some reason people always seem to call me crazy and they don't have a reason for it. Don't call me crazy if you don't have a reason for it. I'm just saying if you going to call somebody something you got to know why you calling them that. Don't just say stuff to say it. 

Sometimes I get called crazy when I keep it real with people. Seriously how can I be crazy for keeping it real ? I don't understand. Like I said I am crazy but if some shit didn't happen I wouldn't have to get crazy, you feel me? 


Friday, September 24, 2010


Who missed me? Shit I miss writing up here so I had to come back. For the last couple of months I been going through it. Too much that I don't even know where I should start shit I just might not end. Tears to drama EVERYTHING. Well I'm living good and still remain a great mother to Daqaun,a college student and the fiance to Christoper. I even had a job but that didn't work out but its kool something else will come right? 

So where should I start telling what happen over the months. Summer was whack, sorry I only went to the beach once out of the whole summer because me and sand don't get a along feel me? . I colored my hair =). My son got bigger and he's a very smart lil man and I love him to death.

Now to the juicy part I guess

I wanna smack this one bitch cause of my friends , smh I know my friend be going back telling this bitch shit cause the bitch always got something smart to say in her facebook status about me and I know she talks my twitter too.But being the adult I am I keep my kool and let her say whatever she want long as the shit STAYS on her page and don't comes to mine cause my words can hurt people. Lol but I still wanna smack her.

Like every year I get a new reason to why I hate females, they fake and full of drama believe it or not. But its the truth.

and Why people think they perfect and better then others? 
You know what I tell those people ? "you ain't perfect cause nobody is"
Then I hate the type of people that wanna talk down on you and shit. That's one thing I take serious don't talk down on me. 

Oh yeah lets not talk about how the pregnant females this season think they better and got it all cause they have a baby on the way and half of them on they second baby and they be the main ones talking down on others. They need to STOP IT NOW. Having your second child and you don't have YOUR OWN EVERYTHING(meaning you ain't living on your own) does not mean you grown. GET YOUR OWN then your grown! Yup I have my ONE son who's 3 and I'm working on getting my own everything so that's why I will remain with only him until then, I know better. I mean if you ain't down talking others as if you perfect then its okay if you on your second child but don't think your shit don't stink sweetie. I'm just keeping it real that's all bloggers cause I be hearing the way these females be talking and I be like "i could of sworn she lived with her parents but yet talking down on others". Sorry I don't think its kool at all.

Oh yeah whats with this question "Toya why you don't get welfare? I got it"......like what the fuck don't ask me no shit like that but I will answer it. And my answer is because #1 they too dam nosey #2 it ain't my style #3 I rather go and find me a job #4 they make you go through mad stuff to get a job with their help & soon as you get thejob they cut you off #5 its useless to me. 

What else should I talk about?

My son daycare closed down (thankx to the mayor) so he on the waiting list for another one. But in March he will be turning 4 and will be starting Pre-K . Yup my baby is growing up. It amazing how fast he grown up. I miss when he was a baby ! 

Well I guess this is it for this blog cause im tired of typing ! lol until next time DUCES!