Thursday, October 23, 2008

I miSs her

This picture above is a picture of my lovely, wonderful, sweet, Grandmother Martha (Rest in Peace) Who I miss soooooooooo dam much. I was thinking about her today and than "the day I found out she died" pop up in my head so I decided to share that sad story with yall.

It was in the year of 1998 I had to be aleast 10 going on 11 well something like that(shoot I dont feel like counting). Well one day me and my mama had came in the house from my aunts house and my daddy was in the kitchen washing dishes and it looked like he had a attitude and was mad at the world so to avoid myself from getting yelled at by saying something smart I just didnt say anything and went straight to my room. So my mama was in kictchen talking to my daddy while I was in my room. I couldnt make out the converstation. So as I was putting on my P'J's (Pajamies ya know sleep wear). My mama comes in my room and tells me my Grandmother died (My daddy's Mother). So I looked at my mama with shock cause I really didnt know what to do so there the tears fell from my eyes (like they falling as I type this). I went to my daddy crying and he held me in his arms and we cried together. That was the first time I saw my daddy cry and it wasnt the last either. Quote-REAL MAN CRY . I just couldnt believe it cause I only got to see my grandmother one time when she was alive. Sad right? Maybe cause she lived in North Carolina or maybe I did see her when I was a baby but I dont recall it. Even though I only saw her one time (that I remember) I still love her and always will love her. She was a sweet and kind woman. I will never forget her.

My Grandmother's Health was Failing and her leg was giving her trouble so she had to get it cut off and than after that G
rain Green(Poison) had sat in it and caused her to die. Sad right??? Yeah that was a sad day for me. And that was the day I came to realize everybody dont live forever. When god calls your name you have no choice but to go. I didnt attend her funeral service cause it was in North Carolina and my daddy wasnt sure when he was coming back and he aint want me to miss so many days out of school and he knew he would of had to be doing alot of runinng around and shit like that being that he was "the baby" of 2 oldest brothers. Which I wouldnt not of mind cause school sucked than. I wonder how I would of reacted at her funeral being that I was so young. I think I would of went Krazy cause I loved her so much. She use to talk to me on the phone all the time when she called for my daddy. Well I know imma see her again when god calls my name and until than imma just keep her in my heart cause I know she's in a better place.

***Here is my 4th tat I got on my arm***Yes I love my grandmother so much I had to get her name Tatted on me.....

I lost so many people in my past OMG its just sad. But I know they in a better place watching over me. They see everything I go through and I know they wanna see me smile so thats why I have to be strong.



*********I MISS AND LOVE YALL!!!***********

Im ending this blog with a quote...

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice"


Teems said...

Girl, I can probably touch upon my past soon. I have lost a lot people in my life as well. R.I.P. to your loved ones. It only makes you stronger.

Saitek said...

its a sad thing when you loose someone you love, its one of the hardest things in the world to understand and try to cope with.

iCandy21 said...

sorry for ur loss. i know exactly how u feel with this one. i lost my grandmother in 2005. i had just seen her 2 weeks before. i always look back and wish i would have called all those times i planned to, but let other things make me forget to do it. i cant change the past, but i am thankful to have had such a wonderful woman in my life. i know you'll be ok babe, and ill keep u in my prayers.

Tima And Nasha said...

your in my prayers

karrie b. said...

awwww...r.i.p. grandma martha.


Danielle said...

Aww, I'm sure your grandmother was a sweet person. I'm glad you still have memories of her.

Wisdom Body said...

I'm sorry you lost so many loved ones. Was this in the last year because I lost 3 family members in this last year. 5 additional people I knew also passed within this year. So that is a total of 8 deaths I have experienced within a year time. It is scary because you never know when it is your time.