Thursday, October 16, 2008

Myspace-Who doesnt have one??


Yes I have submitted my real name. Like be for real why wouldnt I? Everything I written on my profile is real. No need to lie about anything feel me?. 100% honest. I often change things on my page once in a while like put different pictures on it and stuff like that. I love using DIV layouts but now im just working with regular layouts for a while. Dont have much patients with DIV layouts it takes alot of time and sometimes I get confused with those dam code shits. Know what I mean right?. But I love putting my pictures as a background for a layout, I only do that like once every two months though. LOL kinda getting lazy with myspace. I keep my profile private cause that public shit aint kool. People just be wanting to be nosey thats all. So if you aint got me as a friend on myspace go ahead and add me www.myspace.com/ilovemybabyfather07. I know yall looking at the URL("ilovemybabyfather07") like WTF but that shit is old. Wish I can change it but bad news I cant. And I know dam well I aint making a new page just so I can change my URL. Thats too much work. Who knows maybe next year I will make a new profile/page.


If you know me than you know I like taking pictures and Im not conceited or anything I just have a thing for the camera thats all. Well my mom thinks im conceited cause im always some dam where taking pictures. LoL can we say "hi hater" to my moms. Shit when I was younger I use to stay up in somebody camera. I wonder where I get it from. Somebody. I also like taking pictures of other people espeacilly when they aint paying attention or acting krazy LOL. SNAP and RUN than I show them the picture like weeks later and they be like "omg oh no you didnt and you better not show nobody either". Pictures are good to have and you can always look back on them. I have 8 albums {which means I have 254 pictures on myspace} right now. Are they all of me?? No they arent. I know yall proballii like thank god cause 254 pictures of only me on myspace would be krazy. I often upload pictures up there like twice every week or so. And I dont take pictures just to put on MYSPACE. I take them because they are wonderful to have as Memories. Agree?. I love designing pictures. So most of my pictures are designed by me and have my profile ID(185434120) number on it cause people love posing as others and I aint feeling that shit. Will I design you a picture? Hell no lol but if I know you and you really want me to design one of your pictures, I will but I aint no professional though (keep that in mind). I like changing my default picture like once every week. Some pictures of me in my albums are busted LOL well to me they are but they iight for myspace. I like to look through other people pictures, forsho the DUDES though, hmmmm cause its some sexy ones on myspace. Do I comment on other people pictures? sure enough do and speaks my mind if something aint right in the picture LoL. Can I comment all of just one persons pictures?? Hell naw thats just to much time and that would be like I have no life. Only lames do shit like that. Im dam sure aint no lame so never ask can I comment all your pictures.


Some of the blogs I wrote on here came from the blogs I wrote on myspace. Yup Copy and paste thats all I did. But Im not doing that anymore. These blogs will be completey be different from my myspace blogs. Seriously. I think imma just talk about things on myspace only in my myspace blogs. Feel me? Get what im saying? I dont often write blogs on myspace though but will write more and more soon. I do read other people blogs on myspace and shit they be so interesting maybe they need to join this website right?? or maybe they are joined and I just havent came across they blogs on here. My myspace blogs are for friends only. YUP like I said people noesy especailly if they aint on your friends list. How about be my friend on myspace first and than be nosey?? dUH Lol. Dont just go asking me questions and shit and I go to check or whatever and you aint even on my dam friends list oh hell I will put you on blast and dont even think about sending me a friend resquest cause that DENY does work. Agree to what im saying? thats why my page and everything else is private(friends only) meaning you have to be friends with me to be nosey LMAO. Im krazy??? I know right lol. Naw just keep it real thats all. Every blog I read on myspace I do leave comments. Why read something and not comment?? That would be weird.


Yes I leave comments on people pages and I will be sure to respond to everybody's comment thats left on my page. Thats only right. Feel me? (dam I say "feel me" alot) . Be careful to what you write on my comment board on myspace cause if its stupid or something you will be put on blast and it will go in the "screen shots" album. Im always careful to what I say on people pages cause I dont wanna be put on blast LOL. So BE CAREFUL to what you write on people pages they just might put you on blast just like I do. Check out my album "screen shots" they are so funni too. Niggahs just dont be knowing what the hell to say out they mouth. Dont think cause you send me a Lil stupid private message on myspace means I wont put you on blast oh YES I WILL.


At this time I have 4,667 friends on myspace. Too Many right?? Hell yeah. Seems like I add everybody right? Naw believe it or not I dont just add everybody that request's me. It depends on how they default picture look. If it look krazy or fake DENY I will do. But if it look kool and not fake APPROVE I will do. Mostly I got music pages as friends. Yeah you know those upcoming artist with some nice music. Im always requesting music pages. I cant help it I LOVE MUSIC. I have 40 people on my top friends. Why? because I want that many duh. And they mostly family anyteeways so. I dont add people on my top just cause they added me on theirs but because I feel they should be on my top just cause I want them there. Get what im saying? So dont go asking me if I can put you on my top but if you are a upcoming artist(gotta have a music page though) I wouldnt mind putting you on my top who knows you might not have to ask either. Myspace should make top 100 though cause I wanna put more people on my top and dont got time to do that customize top friends, that just takes hella time cause you gotta get the picture url and shit like that. Ughhhh not doing that but I did do it before thats why I say it takes to much times. Took me hours! . I dont really care if I aint on somebody's top friends cause its just myspace aint the person dam life. Some people take myspace to dam serious but NOT ME. Aint gon front I met a couple of people off myspace in 2006 to 2007 and we still kool or whatever but I aint into that meeting people off myspace anymore. I mean if you see me in the street or something do say "HI" and I will say something back. But that whole meet me at this club or whatever naw naw. It aint say meeting people off the internet so thats why when ever I went to meet somebody I always went a couple of people. Never go alone to meet someone. But like I said I aint into all that. Im getting to old LoL.


I must admit I login into myspace every day. Lol just cant help it kinda addictive. Somedays I just sign in on myspace from my sidekick and stay signed in all day.

Well thats it for this blog.

If you have a myspace just drop your URL in a comment so I can add you...



Teems said...

Loging on every day at work...looking at other people's lives is the reason I cancled my account. lol. I'm rehabing with Facebook as my backup!

FlyyGurl said...

dang girl you are a straight GGGG with the myspace friends... I only have like 1000...and you know we dont know em all....lol but I cosign completely w/ the copy and pasting...A chick gets tired man! And plus you wanna make sure everybody sees it! But I admire you becasue I dont think I have enough Will Power to post different ones in different places...Im feeling your blog swag already! LMAO

The Flyyest said...

Wow! U really did a whole post on myspace...hahahahhahah

I can did it!! Well I have like 16 albums or more....but I only have like 6 that my friends can see....

We are myspace friends so I don't need to get ya info....·•◯LOL●•·.

Do u have facebook? I do...lol

Sean TheROBOT said...

wow..lots of myspace friends...i just added you...

William H. said...

or it might make the "snapshot ciphers"


joshua said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.