Tuesday, October 7, 2008

411 oN Me

Yall should already know my name and if not look on the right side somewhere. Its a very popular name in Brooklyn, New York in which I live. Uggghhh everywhere I go I hear the name. But I love my name though. Happy my middle name aint popular. By the way my middle name is Aura pronounced(R-rah). Odd name right? Ever heard it before?. Well my mom got my middle name from my Grandmother (Rest in Peace) , Her middle name was Aura. I use to dislike the name than after a while I was like oh what the hell. Its a nice name now I love it. I got some gold earrings that say Aura. My mom brought them for me when I started liking the name. LOL. People be like "What the hell your earrings say?" I be like my name duh they just be looking at me like "I never heard that name before". I even got a tattoo that say Aura. Yup thats how much I love my middle name. Well anteeways enough with my middle name right?? Im 19 if yall aint know that either. My birthday next month on November 12th. Imma be the 2O. Dam I cant believe how time flys. OMG im getting older than I dont know what. Some people say I look 15 proballii cause my height lol im hella short only 4feet 9inches. Short right?? Told u!..My feet small too lol I wear size 4 in sneakers.Told yall that just in case ya wanna buy me sum kicks for my BIRTHDAY, naw just kidding. Feet small right? it matches my height I guess LoL.

My Favorites
1.Mac and cheese
-Omg I just gotta have that like 3 or 4 times a month. Its so YUMMY.

2.ATL, Daddy's Little girls, and all Madea(Tyler Perry) movies
- I watched ATL so many times I lost counts, and Daddy's Little girls omg that movie just makes me cry everytime I watch it. (I know I know im emotional) I guess cause imma daddy's girl (My father passed away when I was 15 though so it be hard watching movies like that). And All Tyler Perry movies I love them, anything with Madea in it is great. Thats my Grandmother LOL.

3.Grapes and Apples

-I love grapes and apples
they are the best fruits to me.

4.Books that got anything to do with the STREETS

-Yes I love to read them hood books with Sex , Money and drugs in it. I been reading books like that since I was a younging. Stuff that be going on in those books like that really do happen in reality sometimes and someplaces. Get what Im saying??

5.New brands(Rocawear, Enyce, Phat Farm)

-My son got those name brands in clothes so I pretty much like them.Rocawear is my most favorite name b
rand though.

-I cant help it but to say that word all the time its a habit especially when people ask stupid questions or something. LoL

7.Miro Braids or Box Braids
-Got to have them in my head in the fall and winter time. Sometimes summer, depends though. I dont like corn braids that much.

8. Sidekick LX
-Cant go nowhere with out it.Dead serious cause my sidekick is my bestfriend. In need of new aim buddies by the way. Get at me S/N "Dahunnitoya"

9.Jolly Ranchers
-Those taste so good. Make me hyper LoL. If you was next to me and I was talking to much for you a jolly rancher would shut me up for a few moments. LoL..hehehaha

10.Ipod Touch

-Dont own one yet but they sound kool so Imma get one soon. Well hopefully!

11.Keyshia Cole
-When she sing she sings from expreience well thats what I think or she just know what us females go through with men and shit. Especailly "Let it go" song. Now thats my joint.

12.Mickey D's
-Farsho those Quarter p
ounders be jumping. (think I wan one now) LoL

-Gotta love that season cause my birthday in that season. LoL and its not like winter..feel me?

14. Number 15
-Thats my favorite nu
mber cause so many things happen when I was 15 good and bad things. I can never forget what happen when I was 15.

-Great sport cause me and my father(Rest in Peace) use to watch it all the time when he was living. We even went to the court yard couples times when I was younger and shot some hoops. LoL I use to love runing with the ball though everytime I missed a shot.

16.AIM(Instant Messenger)
-Im addicted to it.

17.Pink, Red and Purple
-The best colors to me.

18.One on One Show

-Cause its a Daddy and Daughter show basically and I dont cry when I watch it. LoL

19.Christmas Hoilday
-Like giving and recieving, mostly giving thought cause I like seeing peple face expression when opening the gifts I brought them.

20. R&B Music
-Yup cause thats where all t
he love songs is..LoL

Okay enough with listing ''my favorites". Just had to throw that in the blog though.
As you may see I laugh (LoL) especailly when it dont even be shit funni have the time. Cant help it im just a la
ughing person. Sometimes my mom be like "dam shut the hell up you laugh at everything" now thats funni. LMAO. My son laughs alot to. I wonder where he get that from?? Yup me.

Want me tell yall my dislikes?? Was that a "NO" well guess what imma tell ya anteeways. Hmmmm my dislikes are:::Liars, Bananas(so nasty), when people say they can sing and you be like
hit a note and they cant sing LoL, the color brown, corn braids, swiss cheese, when my computer shut off while im in the middle of typing a blog or something (need it fixed ASAP), when T-mobile acts up(yall t-mobile users should know what I mean), and last but not least I really dislike FAKE/PHONY ass people.

Well thats it for the dislikes..what should I speak on now?? Well at this momment its 10:27pm and im wishing my dam son take his ass to sleep. He usally be sleep by 8:30. I have no idea why he up but I know he fighting sleep. LoL he act like he gon miss out on something.

I think this is the end of this blog think I have wrote enough for this blog. What yall think??....... Well imma just say my other words for the next blogs. Stay posted cause it gets better than this


Awwww look at this kute picture of me and my son Daquan. Yup he loves his mommy and I love him also. More than anybody would ever know! Dam sure a bond nobody can brake. Feel me?


The Flyyest said...

OMG...we have a lot in common......

Shit girl I thought I was short...4'9 is an inch from being miget..hahhahaa sike...but im only 5'3 and ill be hella giant next to you..hahahhahah

(If these damn mexicans don't shut the fuck  next door wit this mexican music...on a TUESDAY!!!!)

Anyway..... I like grapes and apples T but not as mych as strawberries, peaches, cherries...and shit...u know I like the aphrodisiac type shit.....imma freak...hahahah

I love my kick T....and im feelin my 2008 sidekick....its crackin!!!!!!

Ummmm I can't stand fall!!! Aint your bday in the winter....well shit it feels like it.....

I like spring (maybe cuz my bday is in the spring..hahhahah)

Good post chick!!!! Meet me on the aim!!!

Imma add u to my blogroll as soon as I get to my moms 2mar!!