Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lets talk Artist

First off lets start with Keyshia Cole. She is one of my idols. Its like when she sing I can feel the pain that she went through. That show "the way it is" , I just couldnt go a day without missing it. Had me in tears sometimes when I watched it. I believe keyshia is a very strong woman. I love all her songs. She knows just what us woman go through in relationship. One of my favorite songs is "Let it go" all the words she sing in that song is true words. Cause for real if a niggah aint gon love you the way he should let his ass go. Dead ass. Another one of my favorite songs is "Love", now thats deep ass song. I remember when I first started hearing it , than I went and brought her album and played "love" everyday like 20 to 30 times. Than her song "I should have cheated" now that shit was my joint cause at that time I found out my boyfriend that I was going with at that time had cheated on me, shit I use to leave that niggah voicemails playing that song "I should have cheated''. Yup cause dam right I should of cheated but my ass was being faithful while he was fucking and god knows what else he could of been eatting that bitch. Yes indeed did we broke up. Anteeways back to Keyshia Cole. I love this girl. I look up her she's like a sister even though we dont know each other LoL. Hopefully I will meet her in person one day. I proballii wouldnt know what to say to her lol I might just stand there in shock like "OMG" than tears proballii flow down my cheeks cause imma be so excited.
Keyshia Cole ha
s inspired me to never give up on my dreams and hopes and be a strong woman even when times get really hard.

Omg now Jaheim who last name is Hoagland shit I dont even know what to start saying about him. Dam he is just so sexy and I love his voice like seriously. He is my Husband he just dont know it yet, yes I want to be Ms.Hoagland someday LoL.(Thats one of my dreams) Which I and yall know will never happen.When I see him in person for the first time I know imma jump up and down in joy. If you read about him you would know he proballii had a rough life in his younger years cause of the lost of his parents. Dam thats sad for real. "Tears". Okay let me not get all emotional right now but shit I am a emotional person when it comes to people dieing and certain other things. I love all of Jaheim music. You can name anyone of his songs and I know it. Thats how much I love this dude and his music. One of my favorite songs is "Never", now that song is the bomb I play it all the time. When it first came out I played it all day over and over. I was addicted to the song still is too. And the video to the song is just the best I like the part when he puts the ring on the woman finger. Glad it was just a video cause if it was in real life it proballii would of broke my heart cause he suppose to be my husband someday LoL. I know yall proballii like "toya you need to stop it". Im just silly at times thats all. Men should take notes from Jaheim for real, Cause I believe he's is a good man, or maybe he is a bad man and I just havent seen the bad in him yet. But other than that he's a good ass sexy looking man to me. Nobody will ever change the way I feel about Jaheim.
Ok Let me talk about Brandy Norwood. Now I've looked up to her every since I started watching the "Moesha" show in my younger days. I still watch it when it comes on too. I use to always say to myself "I wish she was my sister" Cause the role she played in "Moesha". I use to hang posters of her in my room. She was and always will be my #1 idol. Believe it or not when I saw her with them miro braids in her hair I just had to get them. LoL. I didnt wanna look like her cause nobody can look like her unless they are her twin which she doesnt have. I just thought the braids were fly thats all. Every since than I been getting box braids. Yes she inspired me to wear box braids. I just loved the way they were so neat in her hair on the epsoides of "Moesha". Im not a fan of Corn Braids dont really like them much. Brandy also has some wonderful music. I love all her songs especailly the new song called "Right Here(Departed)". In love with that song so much I went and brought that as a ringtone on my sidekick, and the video is just so nice words cant explain how much I like that video. No other videos is similar to that video for real. Remember that song "Have you ever" omg now that song had me in tears when I first heard it. (lol told yall I was emotional). It just was a touching song and when I hear it every once in a while like two tears come down my cheeks cause at one point in my life I felt just like that song. You gotta know what the song is about to know how I felt and why the song brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. So if you never heard the song thats a dam shame cause Brandy Music is Hawt and her voice is amazing.

Yup thats Trey Songz. Yes he really has cut his hair off. Cant believe it huh? I couldnt believe it either. He's even more sexy. I love his hair cuts it fits him just right. Dont know the reason to why he cut his hair off but maybe he just wanted a new look. Everybody wants a new look once in a while right??. Shit cause I know I do. Trey Songz has a lovely voice and he makes the best of his music. His songs are very touching too. I love that new song thats out now called "Ride" with him and Ace hood. That song is my favorite and you know I went and brought that as a ringtone too. LoL. If you dont love Trey Songz music than you must not know what real music is. Cant say he is the best in the voice of male R&B cause there are plenty of others similar to him. But I am gonna say he needs to keep them albums coming for real. I will buy them all better yet I will just download them on "ARES" its free. Ares is something like Limewire but I truly thinks its better. Anteeways back to Trey Songz...He is hella sexy. If I saw him in person I will faint. LoL and than wake up from the faint and proballii be speechless as hell. I love this dude like seriously. Who could not love his sexy ass?


Teems said...

Speaking of Jaheim, I was listening to a few of his classics the other day. The industry slept on his great talent. I even met me a couple of years ago--very nice man.

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