Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Oh No

First off I wanna say "Happy Halloween to everyone"

Today is not such a happy day for me. I didnt take my son to daycare because im too scared to even go outside because the
BLOOD INITIATION. Yes im really scared. Even though this shit goes on every year and I was never scared before well shit I am now its 2008 shit change every year and plus they talking about it(blood initiation) on the news so I believe this shit is serious. Im not sure if imma take my son trick or treating today but if I do pray for me. For real. Im really shook. I was reading this webstie http://nyctheblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/violence-expected-in-east-harlem.html

Yes you should click on the website for yourself and see what im talking about if you dont already know. Trust me its not just a rumor, Its the truth. Its said that people who want to be initiated into the gang must each kill 31 women (women of all ages) in drive by shootings. You see that WOMAN? They only killing woman. Thats the sad part and im not tryna say they should kill men too but shoot they shouldnt be killing NOBODY!!!

Like come on these woman can be or are somebody's Grandmother, Granddaughter, Goddaughter, Daughter or sister etc. DAM MAN !!!!

Thats why im so scared and im not tryna put my life at risk by going outside for some dam candy. But maybe later I will feel different and change my mind cause I want my son to get some candy and have fun and shit.

What the fuck is the world coming to???
It feels like its coming to a dam end. Its all fucked up and turning in a direction in which it shouldnt turn to.

All this killing and shit needs to come to a end. Somebody need to stop these gangs for real. When Obama speak on the term CHANGE hopefully this will all stop righT??? or No because nobody is brave enough to stop them??

As I type this those gang bangers are proballii out there killing woman right now. Which is sad but like I said its truth especially if shit was on the news. They suppose to be doing it all day. I cant believe this shit. I dont know why they want to be so cold hearted just to be down or whatever. Yes im pretty much shook up about this shit. I wonder how they parents are gonna feel when they find out that they son or daughter have killed somebody. Yes there are some blood females. SHOOT I wonder how they feel about they son or daughter being in this dam GANG shit period. Its not hard to spot a BLOOD memeber out.

Well imma end this blog here cause I cant even think straight. So if I do decide to go outside or whatever I will be sure to look at my surroundings. Cause this shit is not a joke. Make sure to watch the news to see whats going on today in this cold ass world and google "blood initiation" and I hope you clicked on the link above.

im out...**Be Safe**


Mz.Hopeful said...

I will be praying for you girl. Be Safe

Pretty.Hip said...

That's just horrible. What is the world coming to when women are afraid to take their children out? I'll be praying for you girl, you'll be safe.

Kay said...

Yeahhh i heard about that, thats a damn shame! if u go out be careful!

A.M. said...

yea thats why i raced my ass home from work tonight mh