Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The sky is blue, The clouds is crying, The man above is calling a name, He's trying to take away their pain, He need them near, Distance between them is making it hard for him to cure the pain, He sees the pain is getting worst day by day, He will soon have another helper with him. 



-Written by Me =) 



Tuesday, April 20, 2010


(1st off excuse my langauge as I express myself here) As I was walking home "Baby Mama" was playing on my ipod & thoughts flowed thru my mind. I'm the best mother ever & can't nobody tell me nothing. For 3 years I had this shit down packed and I'm doing good. Don't yall agree? I mean my son father did for him like 30% since he was born but that dnt even matter cuz the problem is that he dont come around like he suppose too. Hopefully all that change. "A man has to be a man on his own" & if he wanna bullshit then he should know he missing out. To all the mothers that's going thru what I'm going thru don't even sweat it cuz this aint killing us its making us stronger. Its hard for me not to kry as I express myself but hey it is what it is right?. Aint gon front I'm tired of my son father shit but he his own person and if that mean he aint NEVER gon do what he suppose then that's on him, he will learn tho. NO MATTER what imma always be my son mother & father anyways. He got everything he want & need. So again MOTHERS keep doing what you doing cuz your doing great. & to the MOTHERS that aint letting these FATHERS see their child cuz they don't wanna be with you or you just stupid, stop that shit right now cuz it aint kool. I love my son & I will give him my last. Even though I always wonder "How can a boy be a man when he only getting fed from a woman hand" I got it now cause I know with my heart my son will be a good man.

My heart

He's a very smart and handsome little boy, yessssirr thats my 3 year old baby boy and I love him so much!