Sunday, October 19, 2008

A weekend to remember

I had a very good weekend. Yup starting from friday through sunday. Sunday which is today. I couldnt ask for a better weekend. Feel me? I love my life even when times are rough still gotta love my life cause you only get one.

Well on friday I had a good ass day. Took Quan to daycare in the morning than went off to my unlce house for money to get my hair done
than off to the hair salon I went. LOL Yea i needed a perm ASAP. Costed me 35 bucks, but that was kool cause it was all worth it. My shit was nappy may have looked straight before but it wasnt trust me. Shit was hella Thick. Now its just how I like it.Kinda look like its been cut but it hasnt just curled up underneath. I just hated the part when you gotta sit under the dam dryer. OMG Ughhhh the heat makes me restless and not comforable at all. Those beauticians talk about alot of shit too have you dying laughing.They kool though. I go there to get a perm done by my beautician like once or twice every year. LOL see you can tell I dont go to the Hair Salon much. I rather stick with box braids until I feel I really want or need a perm so my hair can breath from all the weave or whatever. Yeah so now I needed a perm and plus my birthday next month aint wanna rock braids on my 20th birthday so yup I went to get a good ol' perm. Im feeling myself too much now Hahahahah.Well after getting my hair done I went and picked up Quan from daycare.The Lady at the daycare says he is very stubborn, he takes all the toys from the other baby. I should beat his ass right???? Naw but im not gonna do that but I will stop him from being stubborn though. Cause me and him can be playing and he just takes all his toys from me.So I teach that he must share his toys if he want others to play with him. He may not understand what im saying now but sooner or later he will. Believe that! So me and Quan went home so I can go pack his bag so he can spend the night with my sister Tasha cause I was going upstate to see my man Chris. I was gonna take Quan with me but I had too much stuff to carry up there with me and being that Quan always want me pick him up or whatever there was no way I was gon make it with all that shit I had to carry. A bunch of dam food too. So my sister Tasha said she was gon watch him since he hasnt spent the night with her since he was around 9 months. Long time right?? But aleast she saw him though. I dont really like Quan spending the night out lol I be missing my baby though. Well anteeways after packing his bag we headed off to Tasha house. Gave Quan a hug and kiss than I went back home to get ready for my trip upstate. It was like around 9 when I got home so I still had time to chill cause the bus to upstate priosons picks you up from downtown at 1:30 so I got on myspace for a while and also got on my Moms nerves just because I wanted to. LOL I like bothering her. Its kinda fun cause she be saying get out her face but laughing at the same time. Gesh all I be doing is asking alot of funni weird questions thats all. How is that getting on her nerves?? lol I know cause she dont wanna be bothered. Hey but she do the same thing to me all the time. At 10pm took a shower and shit made sure I had everything I needed. (Esp. my dam ID cause thats most important when going to them dam priosns upstate. ) Than I was out the door by 11:15pm. Arrived downtown by 12 midnight. Late right?? Do I be scared?? hell imma G, Naw I be a little scared sometimes but I wasnt the only person going upstate so I wasnt scared standing there waiting for the bus.

Was on the bus at 1am dam was I happy to sit down cause by that time my back was killing me cause all the stuff I had to carry.
I know yall like I know you wasnt standing for a whole hour. Yes I was I left my house a little too early being that I dont live far from downtown brooklyn but I aint know how the trians would be runinng at night cause some nights they be taking 15 or more minutes to come and I aint wanna miss the dam bus cause I would of been highly upset.Get what im saying?. The bus seats was so comforable.I was so hype when I sat down I had my ZEN(music player) ear phones blasting mad loud in my ear. Why?? lol I had no idea. As we pulled off I was like thank god im leaving brooklyn even though its just for a day. Lol im getting tired of brooklyn though samething and same faces thats whack.Bus had to pick up more people from the bronx so we had to stop. I wanted to get up and go to the store but the seat was holding me back cause it was feeling so nice and comforable. I knew I was in for a good a sleep. So after I paid my ticket off to sleep I went.And I dont really like sleeping on buses when going somewhere far from brooklyn.Shit I dont trust people.If you know what I mean and plus I was by myself. Well that sleep was the best sleep. when I woke up it was 7:15am time for me get off the bus and get those heavy ass bags and go into the lil house thats a few feet away from the prison where you wait until 8am when the visiting shit start. So that gave me time to fil out the form I had to fill out, use the ladies room and put his stuff in brown paper bags. If you been to a prison before than you know how that goes right?. The only part I dislike is you have to put your coats and stuff in lockers (aleast you dont gotta pay for the lockers). I had no sweater under my coat and you have to go outside to get to the visiting room. I knew I should of brought a sweater cause thats all they allow inside the prison. The sweaters with no hoods. Dam and I had no long sleeves on so you know I was freezing. But it was only a 3 minute walk to the prison. LOL but shit I was still cold though.During that 3 minute walk I was saying "plz dont let the AC be on when I in get this bitch" LOL. So once inside im like thankx no AC.What a wonderful relief. Cause last time I went they had AC on and I aint have a sweater with me than either. I dont know what made me not bring a sweater this time.But next time I will be sure to take one. Well while I was waiting for Chris to come to the visiting area I was just thinking about my pass and how the hell I ended up where Im at today after all the shit I been through when I thought I couldnt be strong.Than this came to my mind "you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice". That quote is so true. Cause I been through shit I thought I would never get pass but the only choice I had after all the shit was to be STRONG. And yes I believe that imma strong wonderful mother. I love my life. 9 something Chris finally came to the visiting room. Seem like I was in a daze cause I was just staring in space and he was right in front of me looking like are you gon hug me. So I got up hugged him or whatever. I was happy to see him. And he was happy to see me too. We talked about many things. I even cried cause Its like so hard seeing somebody in prison and knowing they cant come back home with you. He told me everything I needed to know even though he has told me before but im guessing he want it to sink in my dam brain. He told me he loved me and all that other shit. Do I believe him?? YES because not only cause he tells me but I can feel it in my heart that he's in love with me. Once you feel it you know its real. I can tell this dude anything and he understands me. He tells me shit that im proballii not suppose to even be knowing but its kool with me cause I know how to keep my mouth shut. Yup im in love. Well while me and him talking or whatever. There was a girl waiting for her boyfriend or husband to come out. So I saw when he came out, he didnt even hug or kiss her. Why?? shit thats the samething I was wondering. So 10 minutes later he got up and walked to the EXIt. (thats where they send the inmates back to they cell) So the girl walks over to him and he yelled at her saying "get the fuck away from me". She look like she wanted to cry so she yells back "call me or write me the next time you want to see me". I felt bad for her cause he should of been happy she came to see his ass but I guess she really pissed him off or he was just having a bad day. Im nosey righT??? Hell yeah I dont miss shit.Wait its more a inmate at the next table looked like he aint have no dam teeth in his mouth and he had to be in his late 30's and his girlfriend was crying I dont know why she was crying cause she was talking too low and so was he so I couldnt make out what they was saying gesh. LOL. I need to stop being nosey.I proballii wasnt the only one being nosey though. When I was crying Chris was like baby stop crying you dont want these people to see you cry. I said ughhh shoot its natural im not the only one in here that crys. Shit everybody crys once in they life.Right?? and dont say you havent cause if you havent please let me know. LoL .I had a good time with Chris he just kracks me up so much. Talking about LAUGHING I be laughing so dam hard my stomach start hurting. The jokes he say be so funni. Tell me why I told him "dam I knew I should of brought a comb with me but being that you cant bring them inside the prison I left my comb home but I should of brought it for when after I got off the bus but thank god my hair stayed in place.It was bonucey so all I had to do was comb it down with my fingers. LOL so ghetto I know I know. He told me I should of told him to bring a comb from his cell. So I started laughing and said omg I aint know you had a phone where I can call you and tell you that. He laughed mad loud and im like What the hell im serious Lol. That prison shit makes you lose your mind. For real how was suppose to tell him I needed a comb?? I wasnt even sure I was gon see him that saturday and neither was he so when he called me at home on tuesday night I aint say nothing about a dam comb. I was proballii saying "im hungry" like always cause im always hungry. Shit skinny people need food feel me??. Well imma stop talking about the great saturday I had with my future husband. Yes we gon get married in the future sometime. I'll be sure to invite yall to the wedding. LOL. Well after arivving back in brooklyn new york at 8pm from upstate I went straight to pick up my lil man Quan.Yup I missed his bad ass lol. And home we went and took our asses to sleep. Well I stayed up for a while than I went into a deep sleep.


Sitting here typing this dam blog proballii type another one later, who knows. Today seem so dam boring but im having a good day. Who's bored??? I guess thats why I had nothing else better to do was talk about my weekend. Shit aint really nothing to watch on TV and I got cable.If there is something to watch som
ebody please let me know?? lol naw but for real. Hope this week go good and nobody makes me upset. Well this the end of this long ass blog..SmoOCheS!!!

Here Im leaving yall with some pictures I took on friday after I got my hair did. New look u like?? and once again my hair hasnt been cut it just look like that cause its curled underneath . THat what sitting under the dam dryer with rollers do to your hair. I like it naw slash that I love it cause if I would of did it myself at home it would of looked krazy not even close to this. I like my hair to bounce with me. LOL get what im saying?


Anonymous said...

oh snap I'm the first person to leave a comment na but its all true •·.₩H@T び wªz saying about the brown bag in shit lol ♪ had to do that when my bbf wªz in prison girl び wasnt the only one crying the first time ♪ ever seen my bbf in prison ♪ cried like a baby 4 real he like stop crying but ♪ couldn't cause ♪ wanted him to come home with me in ♪ new he couldn't but ♪ have my own story to tell び wasnt the only one nosey girl ♪ wªz sitting at that table talking to bbf right び kno •·.₩H@T table lol so this guy girl went to use the bathroom but she took mad long so when she came back they visit wªz over so the nigga started going crazy in there these niggas had the nerve to leave us in the damn visiting room with this crazy nigga they lock all the damn doors while he wªz going crazy but anyways yes girl love is so strong in people can't tell び shit when び in love び do •·.₩H@T び have to do for your ₥ÅN in your self fuck •·.₩H@T people have to say about it any ways ♪ have to make my own blog thing •·.₩H@T ever び want to call it cause like ♪ said to び before ♪ be having a lot on my mind but ok I'm donr for now lol

Super Woman said...

Toyaaaa ya hair looks fabulous girl. I like the new look better. [p.s. we gotta hang out when i get back to NYC] ANYWAY yess i hate going to prisons. I've never had a boyfriend in jail but my brother was there and its so draining i cried before my brother even came out and when he did he was like WTF you crying for then we both busted out laughing mad hard. I hated it especially having to take all that stuff off to go in the prison and Rikers is the fuckin' worse. I love reading your blogs, its like reading someone's diary LOL

that man was fucked up for yelling at ol' girl but she crazy as hell for telling him "call me or write when you want to see me again" i woulda been like "well then fuck you nigga dont drop the soap" because im mean like that BUT ANYWAY im glad you enjoyed your weekend toya


Da Hunni Toya said...

Thankx yall for the comments...lmaooo

Ms. Behaving said...

Maaaaan listen...

Let a nicca walk away from me on a visit floor and see if I ever visit his ole ungrateful @ss again [let alone, follow behind him telling him some ish like "call me or write me when you wanna see me again"]



Thanks for visiting my blogspot by the way!! :-)

(vixenchick) said...

you're not the only one who cries during the prison visits.... i cried EVERY SINGLE TIME i went to visit my older brother when he was locked up.



The Flyyest said...

So you really only go to the hair salon...once or twice a YEAR??? Damn I got once or twice a month..hahahaha
so when u get your box braids...who do them for you???

Are box braids the same as micros?? I like micros...I think imma get them in a couple weeks!

That's good u got to see chris! What is he in prison for and how old is he......how long he doin???

Yeah sunday was boring for me too....after a long crazy night last night...im jus chillin in the house!!!

Well glad your weekend was productive!