Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never ToO Old

So it was 9:00am today when my homeboy started hittting me up on AIM. I was just coming back from taking my son (Daquan) to daycare. LoL thank god, Cause all I hear is Ma Ma Ma Ma or No No No No, he be calling be for no reason. (LoL).He a Little bad ass sometimes tho.

But anteeways here the convo me and my homeboy had through AIM.

Homeboy-Time 2 get up now

Homeboy-Nomore sleeping
Me-Im up asshole
Me-Cant u read "aways"?
Homeboy-O i c my bad crusty
Me-U crustie
Homeboy-Get him ready and make sure he not late, if he be late I am beating u up
Me-He already went lmaoooooo
Homeboy-Oo u luck, wat u doin now watching maury
Me-Naw I dont watch that anymore..im watching baby looney tunes
Me-yea I love tweety bird
Homeboy-How old are u again like 40 watching looney tunes
Me-19..so wat u never too old to watch cartoons, I do have a son so its natural for me to watch it

Homeboy-Ik lol
Me-Dont be laughinh cuz ya never
too old for anything
Homeboy-U right my bad for laughing

Well my point of this blog is I dont think ya never too old to watch cartoons. They be so interesting at times. I love watching them with my son. We watch SpoungeBob Square pant
s sometimes. LOL him and patrick are too funni. I watch Dora with my niece Icisis (pretty name right?) when she comes over on the weekends sometimes. She's 7 years old be 8 in December. And oh Lord she acts just like me sometimes (A LiL Verison of Latoya) She got my Attitude and its just ughhhhhhhhhhh well me and her mom got the same attitude so LoL. I call her my daughter cause every since she started walking she been coming to my house like every weekend. LoL Wow 7 years ago I was 13. Mad young. I know yall like what this have to do with "Never ToO old" right??? LoL oh well just thought I throw a few extra stuff in there too. But anteeways I dont think im never too old to do anything for example::Bike riding, Swinging on swings, Coloring, Play board games, and etc...
Bike riding::Havent rode my bike since May 2006. Do I plan on riding it again anytime soon? Naw I dont
plan on riding it until my son learns how to ride a bike. Than we can go bike riding together. Great idea right?

Swinging on swings::Last time I swung on a swing at a park was last month (Sept). Icisis was on the swing and for some reason it looked pretty fun cause she was hype and like weeeeeeeeeeeeeee auntie weeeeeeeeeeeee. So I said "Icisis let auntie get on" She said you gon push me after im like yesssir. So I got on the swing for 5 mintes it was fun but not like the old days

Coloring::Now that I dont do and havent done since I was little. But pretty soon imma have to start with m
y son better yet I might start coloring with him today when he come back from Daycare. So what the hell right?

Playing Board Games::Now I play them once in a blue moon with my niece(Icisis). It be boring sometimes though. Espeacilly when we play that long ass game "MoNopoly" I dont know how to spell it, well I think thats how you spell it. I use to love that game when I was younger but nobody really wanted to play with me with it. They
use to play for like 15-20 mins and be like okay they dont wanna play nomore. Now I see why cause its a long ass game. LOL

Yes so im BASICALLY saying your "NEVER TOO OLD" for anything!!

Here is a picture of me and my niece Icisis..Isnt she pretty?? YUP YUP. I just plain out ol' look sad right?? ..DAM SMFH @ me!!


Teems said...

Well there are somethings that we can out grow...like clothes.. hahahaha lol

for the most part every thing that you have mentioned can act as a stress reliever.