Sunday, October 5, 2008


I really dislike liars. I dont understand why people lie. I understand truth hurts sometimes but the truth is always the good way out. For real. Cause by lieing you will never get nowhere far. Thats why I tell the truth at all times. Cause it wont kill you to tell the truth may hurt the other person or whatever but its life truth should be told at all times no matter what. The worst thing a person can do to me is "LIE". Now if you lie to me and I find out you lied , you will get a CUSS OUT that you will never forget and it will make you feel bad for the rest of you life. Seriously. Cause I dont let liars slide by that easy. And once you become a liar to me, you lose all my trust and I will never trust you again.

Common sense if a person lie to you one time they will lie to you again trust me. The same person lied to me more than 6 times already so I know. So for dam sure that person been lost my trust in them when they lied the first time. And that person was my BABYFATHER. Shame right? and he still contiunes to lie to me and we aint even a couple nomore. Now thats just sad.Ughhh he just makes me hate him.

Anteeways back to the topic.. I take lieing serious cause its not something I can just pass by. Cause thats like you have a friend right? and you tell he or she I gotta tell you something but you cant tell nobody else and they say they promise not to tell nobody else. So you tell them the lil sercet or whatever than the next day you go over to there house or something and someone says what you have told your friend. How would you feel? Betraded?

You just wont be able to trust the person anymore because they had promise to not tell nobody the secret or whatever but they told someone else anteeways. So that means they lied about keeping the secret. See you cant trust a person like that after they did that. Thats why now a days I cant trust a niggah or a female. Its hard to do so cause all people ever do is LIE in this dam world about lil shit too. So krazy......

Wish someone please explain why people lie??


Nellz said...

all i gotta say is damn....I dont think we will ever have a legit answer to that ish....hehe there are so many lies that can be told..the good ones and the bad ones...the bad ones is what bother the shit outta of us..but smh whatever...hehe welcome to the blogspot mama!!! xoxo

Da Hunni Toya said...

Lol thankx

Muze said...

people lie for different reasons. but for someone to lie about something stupid... well i dunno.

i've done it once, and it caused me a world of trouble. lol.

it was so easy to just tell them what they wanted to hear than the truth. lesson learned though, trust.

and about the father of your child... well some men just lie. period. lol.

Ms. Jones said...

I wish I could answer your question. People get mad at me all the time for being so blunt and straightforward, but if everybody was that way the world would be a better place!When you find out though make sure you let me in on it...

Teems said...

I dont like them either. Maybe because im not a good one! lol

Just kidding but dishonesty its one of the biggest gripes I have with friends and even family. Some lie to protect you, some lie to hurt you, some lie simply because of their own insecurites and are too ashamed to not only tell you but be faced with the truth.

None the less, neither are valid reason.