Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Butter Cookies

Last week my mom brought some cookies called "Butter Cookies" when she went food shopping or whatever...

So check this out....

Mom-OOooo child I bet you cant just eat one of those butter cookies I brought (in other words- if I eat one imma have to want another one)

Me-Oh plz blah blah
(in other words- yeah whatever lady) LoL

After that Im thinking to myself maybe I should just try one, so I went to the table and looked at them and changed my mind.Than went back to sit down at the computer and all I kept thinking about was eatting one of those dam cookies. Shit Quan already had like 3 already.Having a convo in my brian like what if I cant just eat one cookie?? Than my mom gon be like told you so or something like that.

Okay Two days later still had those dam cookies on my mind.Im saying to myself I want something sweet. Oh what the hell I just grabbed one of those "butter cookies" and yes those shits taste yummy. How many I had??? like 6. So I have to admit my moms was right I just coudnt eat one of those cookies and not want more. LoL

Matter of fact I just got finished eatting 5 of them now. I think I want some more.LoL I know greedy me right? They even taste good with some Ice cold water.

Tell me have you ever eaten something but just had to have more of it???
Like it was calling your name or something. LoL


Jervis said...

hell yeh yo,i feel the same way about dominoes cinnastix. dem shits are good!!!

Danielle said...

Mmm, I love some butter cookies :o)

I never tried Dominoes' Cinna Stix before, but the Apple Sweet Treat is the bomb!

Danielle said...

My bad...its Papa Johns that sells the Apple Sweet Treat, lol. Oops!

Super Woman said...

....ICecream, Im In Love with Coldstone and i cant get it outta my head so i'll drive 6 exits away from my house for that damn cake mix batter with cookie dough in it icecream. AND McDonalds oreo cookie McFlurry. Its calling me right now......"Shendaaaa" Yall dont hear that?

Tima And Nasha said...

My favorite is Coldstone IceCream the cheesecake one! I love it, love it!