Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm here sharing my thoughts like always

Everyone thinks I'm crazy 
In all reality I just think they can't respect where I'm coming from or understand I'm about the life I lead 

I don't let people walk all over me or try to put me down I'm too much of a woman to let anyone no matter who it is disrespect me in any way or form 

23 years young and I been through it all I'm at a point in my life where nobody can tell me nothing and except me to listen 
Why ? Because my attitude has changed once I seen that people don't like to hear me out so why on earth do I have to hear them out? 

I'm doing everything I need to do for me and my son because if I don't who will? I depend on nobody ! 

So when people judge me because I live with my parent, I just look at them then tell them off because they think because I live with my parent I get taken care off and I don't. I take care of myself and my son! 

Regardless of anything people going to think what they want right? And the same people who judge me are the ones who depend on welfare and don't do nothing in their life at all. So maybe they interested in my life because I'm not on welfare and they would love to be in my shoes? 

I'm not knocking nobody who is on welfare, but don't sit around & think you can talk down on me and except me not to say nothing sorry that's not going down on my time

I'm not a mean person, if you can respect me I will respect you. I treat people how I want to be treated until they give me a reason to treat them different 

Believe it or not I love everyone , hate nobody and hold no grudges life is too short for it. All I ask is that you don't disrespect me or try to bring me down because your miserable

You don't want to be miserable? Just get your life in order and stop looking in on mine. 

Live your life because you only get one