Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Mean??

Today is going so whack but im kool though hopefully I go shopping with my aunt later today. She suppose to be buying Quan a new stroller. Thank god. Cause LiL man walk to slow for me. And I like walking at good speed feel me?. Cant be stopping and looking at birds and crap when I need to be somewhere on time. LoL.

But anteeways Jay texted me at 9:53 this morning. I swear he is such a morning person. Like what in the hell?...Here is the convo we had through text messages.

Him-How u doin my nubian princess

Saying to myself- WTF I am not no princess of his

Me-Im okay
Him-What u doing:) u able to see me?

always wanna see me wtf

Me-Idk. & why u never told me where u work at?
Him-I didnt c u yet since that day im making my way now


Me-U dont have to come see me
Him-I want 2 u must be busy? I guess hit me lata
Me-I just dont wanna see u
Him-Whats that about?
Me-Wat u want from me? Be honest!
Him-Matter a fact say nomore I never came off rude and gave u respect. I cant even get a convo without u think more of it than it is. I dont even know u like that ma

Thinking- but u dont gotta know a person to just be real and say u just want some pussy right???

Me-Ok I understand that but I only asked a question. I was just wondering thats all

Shoot aint nothing wrong with asking Questions

Him-Nah thats rude u aint busy and someone trying to see you and you say I dont want to see you. What the hell I do to you

Me-U aint do nothing wrong so far I just dont wanna see u 2day
Him-Thats pushing me away by saying that but its cool you will learn how to talk to some thats interested in you

WTF 2m is another day, he acting like its the end of the world or some shit

Me-How is that pushing u away im just keeping it. We cant be nothing more than friends anyways
Him-No one said we going to las vegas tun get married. I was looking for someone I can take out to eat and talk to

If thats the case how about he just wait into I text him and say "I wanna see you"


Well that was the end of that text convo with him. Thank god. I dont think I was being mean. I just wanted to know what he was up to thats all. You cant just trust any niggah and not ask questions. You must ask questions now a days. Today was just one of those days where I aint wanna see him and plus like I said before he bores me. But I'll see him again some day maybe before this week over. What if he say he dont wanna see me than cause I aint wanna see him today???. Oh well dont matter to me. Life goes on. I was just keeping it real with him thats all. Think I was being mean??? Should I believe that maybe he isnt up to something?


Anonymous said...

Niggas just dont get the point do they smh at lames like wtf is wrong with this nigga ☆!¡!¡YEAHi!¡!☆ he wanted more out of び than just taking び out to eat niggas really think we dont kno the game shit guess •·.₩H@T guys news flash we ₪Ø already lol but I'm not going to go on び kno i will run my mouth like for ever I'm out smooches

Super Woman said...

toya.....why is this shit all coded LOL I CANT READ THIS!!!

Da Hunni Toya said...