Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ughh Tuesday

Today seem so lame and boring as hell. It was just one of those *UGHHHH days* For real it was.

This morning I woke up like What the Fuck cause I looked out
the window and It was raining. And today just was the day my LiL MaN had his Clinic/doctor apointment. Well his appointment was for 1:30 pm. So as Im waiting for time to hit around 12noon Im thinking in my head *Hope it stop raining cause my lil man has no plastic for his stroller*.

Okay 11:30am hits and my momz comes to me and says "I be back". MIND YOU she has to give me money to take LiL MaN to the clinic. So I say okay where y
ou going? Do you think you be back before 12:30? She answers "Yeah I should be Im going arcoss the street to fine fare(Supermarket) and if not you just come get the $4 for the metro card". She could of just gave me the $4 than but she claimed she had to get it from the ATM so im like okay whatever fits.

So around 12noon I start getting me and LiL Man dressed and ready. I dont live far from the clinic its only two stops away on the train but I need a etra 10 minte
s to walk to the train. Sooooooo I was done getting us ready at 1pm, Momz still wasnt back from the supermarket. I headed out and thank god she was down stairs in front of the building talking on her dam pay as you go cell phone. LoL. Thank god its wasnt raining at that time so I Scooped up the $4 and was on my way to the clinic well thats what I thought at that momment.

I gets down the block from my house and I realized I left his dam IMMUNIZATION book in the dam house. Called up my mom and said bring me his Immunization book down stairs and started walking back towards my house. So my moms friend comes downstairs with MY(not quans) immunzation book. Im looking at it and than say I told her QUANS not mines(s
o he took it back to my moms). LoL so ya know I called my mom like WTF are you okay? I said Quans book not mines. She like "well shit latoya you said immunzation book im tired". So I explained LOUDER now." QUANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN immunzation book". And she goes "ok" . I guess she wasnt focus cause she just came from food shopping and was tired. All I could do was laugh at her. Ok mom friends comes back down with Quan book and a unbrella shoot how ever you spell the shit.

I started walking back towards the train station and it starts dr
izzling. IM like "omg Quan you have no plastic poor baby so keep this blanket on you ok". LoL he gave me a look like "you talking to me ? yeah ok ma"...Thankx god it wasnt rainging hard cause he would of been soaked and wet and I would of been highly upset. I have to get him a plastic for his stroller ASAP.

Well I got to the clinic at 1:41..Just a few minutes late. They never call you on your exactly appoinment time anyways. Which really sucks for real. I really dislike that too. Whats the use of having a time if they not gon see you on that time?? get what im sayi
ng??..Took them forever to call him so he can get weighted and measure by the nurse. Than had to be called by the doctor which that took extra longer. "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" just kept saying that the whole time in that clinic and plus I was hungry too. Quan ate before we left home but not me.

Kids was just runining around crying and shit and Quan wa
s just staring at them like WTF. I was saying in my head "Quan you better not act up"....But after a hour sitting in there he started getting cranky and wanting to cry. Finally the doctor calls his name. "About time" I said. Goes to the doctors room and Quan start being bad in there touching shit "omg just ughhhhh" I said stop and popped him about 3 or 4 times but nope he still kept doing it . So I strapped him right in his stroller. LoL that aint work either. So I yelled stop one good time and he looked at me with a "shy face"...like I hurt his feelings or something. Than he wanted to sit on my lap....lol

After coming out the doctors lil room or office or whatever you wanna call the crap. We had to wait again for the nurse to give him a FLU shot...just "ughhhhhhhhhhhhh". I guess cause I was hungry I was kinda moody. Well IDK......

Well after another 15 minutes passed the nurse calls him and gives him his shot which mad my dam baby cry awwwww and off to make another appointment( for when he turn 2) at the desk which took another 10 minutes. OMG at this time I wanted to cry
cause I was so hungry.....LOL my greedy as I knowssssssssssssss.....

Finally back home made me two eggs and cheese sandwiches and those shits was banging frizzle fucking good. Of course I shared with Quan who doesnt like bread so I had to give him some eggs out the sandwich. lol but I kept tryna make him bite the sandwich but he kept spitting the bread out. He makes this weird face when eatting bread...Like its yuck. lol its only brea

Well imma end this blog with some pictures

I just love taking pictures of my lil man he is just so handsome. I love me some him!! yup yup!!


Kofi Bofah said...

You were bored?

Rain is better than snow.

(vixenchick) said...

your baby is so cute! awwwww!!!! cutie! he's gonna be a little heartbreaker!



One Man’s Opinion said...

Well, at least little man is up to speed and that's all that really matters. I gotta say, after an hour of waiting, my big ass would have been cranky too.

Anonymous said...

ugh Errands/rain/double backing/waiting rooms They ALL suck!

mc.lizzle xx said...

How cute!!!!
I hate waiting at stupid doctors.
I dont understand WHY
Well I kinda understand the doctors
but I dunno why the nurses have to be such a pAIN IN THE ASS.

Teems said...

Such a troublesome day on my birthday? Aww shucks. Lil man looks more annoyed than you sound lol. It must have been that shot.

Super Woman said...

the doctors are evil