Saturday, November 8, 2008

Life Changing

Okay first off imma start with "Awww my lil man Quan went with his father yesterday(friday)". LoL he be back tomorrow(sunday) though. I miss him too!..Yup his Father is growing up being a man now. Wonder how long this will last though. Thank god though cause he needed to.


Well I went and visited my man Chris. Had a great visit with him. Dam I miss him already. Just praying he come home soon. Yup I had to go see him before my birthday(Nov 12th). Well *OUR* birthday cause me and him got the same birthday. Which is in 4 days from now. AWW whoop whoop I cant wait.

I cant believe imma be the big 2O. Can you believe it?? Am I getting old??? Hell yeah Im getting old but shoot im still kute lol ok let me stop being conceited. I thank god for each one of these days. As days go by it seems like my life is changing but I just dont know how but it is. I can feel it. Maybe its cause im turning a different age this year. Well whatever it is. I feel myself changing. People are even changing the way they act towards me. I dont know why though. But its nothing cause I really dont need friends no ways all I need in this life is my LiL Man thats about it. I know who my real friends are and I know who arent my real friends. So if a niggah or bitch aint my friend at the end of the day, guess what ?? I still got my fucking son at the end of the day and thats all that matters to me.

Moving on...

For last couple of days I havent been reading anybodoy blogs or have I? (cant remember) well SORRY about that. Just been out of it. Shit on my mind tryna get on my grind with a job. Speaking of *job*. That UPS interview I had went well and it was hella long too. ShIIT!!. But I dont know if I got the job yet though. Well I will keep yall posted on that though. Something need to happen *like I hit the lottery* so I can start christmas shopping for my lil man. I love shopping for christmas for him. So fun! I sound like a kid.


Right now Im sitting here typing this shit bored out my mind HELP ME. Ughh this sucks. I feel like imma spaz on somebody just because I know I can and have a mouth to do so LoL . Naw but seriously. People just love pissing me off some how. I know they say *dont let people get to you* well I just cant help it. Cause if somebody say something or do some shit I dont like im gonna get upset. I just will stop talking to the person for mad long or just be mean to them every time they speak to me thats all. Common sense *dont do or say shit that will make someone mad*. So why do people piss me off if at the end they know imma be mad. I honestly think they do it on purpose.


I demand respect feel me?

I see in this every day world that some people dont respect each other. Which I wonder why THOUGH? I respect those who respect me. I dont like when people come at me side ways or try to judge me based on my appearance or whatever. *Never judge a book by its cover* I always keep that quote in my mind. When people judge me I can always prove them wrong. Which makes them look so stupid in the long run.

well ending this blog here cause I have to go read yall blogs! SMOOCHES!!!!


Losing Myself said...

Well, at least you aren't afraid to speak your mind! Havge a great, blessed week. Still praying you get that job!

Super Woman said...

yesss respect has disappeared from the vocabularies of ALOT of people
and its going to cause alot oof people to get their feelings hurt by me

because after this year is over im getting rid of and staying away from alllll negative people places and things!!

Teems said...

I think every female goes through that reevaluation stage in their mid-twenties. I know I did. But its all about knowing where to place people in your life. Once you figure that out people will stop pissing you off because you wont let them. "The only people you need in your life are those that prove they need you in theirs"

Pyt08 said...

ahhhh! cute kid!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Glad to hear your interview went well, I hope you get the job!

Your def not old! lol I just turned 20 a few days ago, and although I miss saying I'm 19 it feels good to say I'm 20 Idk I guess I feel more mature?...lol

Sometimes I think people will say negative stuff because they are feeling bad and want to put it off you, Idk you just gotta keep your head up and hard as it is keep a smile on your face because that will keep them wondering lol

Sexxy Luv said...

hopefully being 20 will be a new start for you and give you a different out look on life and certain situations that come your way! :)

glad lil man got to hang with his daddy that bond between a father and son is crucial!

have a great b-day and be sure to tell us all about it!

A.M. said...

Hope u had a great b-day. Welcome to ur 20's :) it's fun!