Sunday, November 2, 2008

These Days

Yesterday was whack and so is today. Dam it really be boring now a days for me I guess cause I dont have a job which I really need. Well yesterday I went to the store and back in the house. Still kinda shakey about that Blood initiation which they was saying was suppose to go on all weekend. So yesterday I wasnt tryna go out my Hood (area). Feel me? So yup so I only went across the street and back in my dam house. I also applied for UPS seasonal job(Driver Helper), I have a interview on Wednesday. Hopefully I get the job. IM PRAYING I DO.

Well for these last couple of days I been having like so much on my mind. My mood swings been going krazy. I guess cause every hour somebod
y say or do something to piss me off. FUCK YO WHY THEY CANT PISS SOMEBODY ELSE OFF. Oops my bad for the out burst. LoL. Like I was saying I been thinking about alot like my life and my future and stuff like that. I wonder where imma be when I turn 25????. That question is always in my mind. Well hopefully I have a good ass job thatt pays very well and my own apartment and shit like that.

I aint tryna live with my mama forever. Hmmm that just aint gon work out. We dont always be on the same page and shit. And sometimes she just annoys me so much I be ready to pack up me and Quan shit and leave. But I always be like where imma go?? LoL. I could go to my sister house but no that wouldnt make any sense to me. Why move from somebody else apartment to move to another persons apartment when you can just get your own dam apartment right?? Cause basically if my sister annoys me or something like that(which I know she wouldnt do but im just saying) I will be ready to leave there too. So thats why I say it wouldnt make any sense to me. Well until I get a job and save up money to get my own apartment me and Quan is stuck in my mama house.

$219.55....Thats how much my phone bill is. Dam its alot to me cause I have no job. Well thats what happens when you let the bills pile up. Im surprise T-mobile aint turn my phone off yet. LoL Cause if you a T-mobile customer you know how they are. PLAY NO GAMES when they want they money. So yeah I didnt pay September's bill which was 119.18 and was due on October 13th, cause I aint have no money like always. My money went to all my son needs which is very good. Back of my mind was saying fuck T-mobile child comes first. So I asked my mom can she pay it or whatever but she didnt. So when my bill came for October($100.37) which is due November 13th they made sure they added the 119.18 to the bill. So thats how it all came to $219.55. LoL Your lost??? Let me break it down shorter than $100.37 plus $119.18 equals $219.55. If you still dont get it or whatever than I dont know what to tell you. LOL !!

Right now im just so bored not so much is on my mind now. Just wishing and praying I get a job soon. For real. Cause shoot im struggling. Tomorrow my uncle gotta give me some money so I can pay my bill and get some other stuff that I need. WHOOP WHOOP my birthday in 10 days I cant wait. Im having a dinner/party. Its gon be popping (wow I sound so hood saying the term *popping* LoL ) . You already know imma get drunk. Well im really feining for the food that my mama is going to cook for me and my friends. Shoot Im skinny I need food lol but my friends call me greedy. Naw I just love to eat thats all. When Im angry at a person and they bring me some food im all cheerful again LoL.

I cut my bangs today. Thank god cause they were pass my nose and I wasnt feeling that so I chopped them shits. And yes I cut them myself. I wasnt gon go to the hair salon or let somebody else do it. Cause what if they would of messed up??
I would of been so upset with them. So I decided if I do it myself I wouldnt mess up cause I would know how I want my bangs to look. And Guess what it came out nice. I love my bangs now.

**Here are some pictures that I took today**

Arent my bangs kute???..Well I think so

I kinda look sad in this picture below right?? . I dont know why though
Awww look at me and my LiL Man Quan..Without him I dont know where I would be!!
Thats it for this blog imma stop typing here cause I need some food in my system (greedy me I know LoL) and plus I wanna read some of yall blogs. SmOoChEs!!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Its funny how your funny one way and you blog and then you go and read someone else's blog and see their going through something very similar lol. I think parents feels its their right to make there kids no who is in charge no matter how old they get or they must take a course in annoying their children lol. I have T-mobile too, my last bill was a little more than $100 and now my mom is like I need to start paying my own bill :( hmm we'll see how that works out lol Sucks that you were scared to go out on Halloween but im glad you did'nt let that fear prevent you from having a good time :) keep your head up.


Super Woman said...

t-mobile can kick rocks

I got beef with ANDY the sales rep still for upping my contract without telling me

He better watch his back

OHHH snap Toya Imma have to show Blogger what i really look like, Show them my bangs to
we can have a "Bang Battle" No homo that shit sounded kinda gay for some reason (my mind all fucked up)

Lol lata Toya

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

go eat but have faith
words evince u a strong person folk

Lil Honey B said...

You'll get that job, just keep your head up and stay strong. When my baby was 4 months old, I lost my job as a customer service rep. Wasn't making a whole hell of a lot of money, but heck, it was a job. SOO, long story short, God blessed me with a better paying job and I was able to get more accomplished in my life...

Oh and t-mobile is no joke. They will send you that text message, and then straight cut you off if you don't come off that paper. ; )

Teems said...

031 will always be BLOOD initiation. Be safe. I heard there were like 19 slashings.

That last pic is cute

Good luck with the job!

Losing Myself said...

Hey girl, will be prayin' you get the job. Bangs look great, real cute on you. Hang in there, my girl had to live with me for a while, but we worked it out. You just can't stop bein' a mama no matter how old your baby gets! LOL Glad you made it through halloween ok.

here's a couple of angels to watch over you ^j^ ^j^ GBY

Saitek said...

hopefully u get the job, cuz payin bills with no income is for the birds!!

i like the bangs btw

1/3 said...

I def know how it is not to have a job and have bills piling up. Stay positive on the job search and one will come along:-)

Your son is soooo cute and so are your bangs:-)

pink said...

hes a lil fat thing!!! cutie pie too!

Dont worry...thingsll get better, they have to.

Super Woman said...

@Teems Helllll yeah rats scare me more than guns do

Ms. Behaving said...

Trust me when I say I know the struggle so I hope you land that gig. :-)

Lovin' the bangs [looks good on you].

Anybody ever tell you that your little man is your twin??

LOVELEE. said...


Nellz said...

for one i love ur main pic with the bangs and ur eyes showing...no homo anyway yea mama shit im 25 now so i know how u feel i thought the same wheni was ur age...try and get a job good luck with the ups and stack ya bread u feel me...u need it for u and lil man..it is annoying to be living with ur parents i know and ur a parent ur danmself so jus take it one day at a time ok...things will look up....shitttt tmobile sure as hell dont play its like every damn month my shit be that same amount and we pay the shit anyway...awhile back i was like let me call them..and the hold times suckeddd so i was like fuck it...well take care and kiss lil man...latas

check out my chapters from my book "The Good Life" www.nellzstories.blogspot.com

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

Your bangs are cute girl..your little man is even cuter!!!♥