Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Me?

Dam that Smirroff *Green apple* Ice I just had was so tastey!! LoL

My Son's godmother been ignoring me for a couple of days well lets say weeks. I guess she isnt talking to me nomore. But check this out me & her havent had a arguement. So im completely lost on why she ignoring me. I even asked her when she coming to see LiL man she ignored that question. I asked her why she ignoring me she ignored that question also. Like I really dont understand. Like if I did something wrong or some shit which I know I really didnt why cant she be a adult and tell me whats up?? We both adults. She acting childish to me. And guess what im tired of kissing that bitch ass. Fuck her. But I feel she dissing my son because she is his godmother and she dont even ask if he breathing..You know what im not gonna even sweat it. This why I say I hate females cause shit like this. I rather be to myself with no friends. Feel me?

But enough talking abt that dumb ass bitch..

Why the hell Jay texted me today out of no where??...That niggah is just dumb to me...

Him::u wanna eat?


Him::well im downstairs how long u gon be?

Me::2O minutes

Him::wow I thought u was dressed already being that u take lil man to daycare in the morning so I guess 2m we can go

Me:: yea I was but I took my clothes off

Him::well I'll hit u up 2m im not waiting for u

Me::ur mean

Him::lol im not mean just keeping it real

Okayyyyyy why in the hell would he text me when he downstairs instead of letting me know when he on his way that he gon take me to get something to eat so I can be ready. Wouldnt that have made sense?? Fuck that niggah he dead ass be wasting my time. That just made me upset cause I was really was hungry lol. Naw but seriously I was. Jay is such a dumb ass for real.....well aleast I think that.

Moving on....~~~~~~~~~~

I kept twisting and turning last night in my bed couldnt sleep so I started thinking about my past and what could be in store for next year and out of no where my dam phone starts ringing *make love in this club* guess who it was?? One of My EX's calling. Can u believe it?? Im like hello what in the hell. He talking about he want me to have his baby & that I know my son was suppose to be his. At first I laughed at him & than I relaized that he was dead ass serious. So I said *your krazii* cause for real he sound krazii and I see he still in love with me or something. Its a reason why he is my EX so I dont know why he asking me to have his baby. *shaking my head* at HIM. Dam he still stuck on me after all these years. WHAT A SHAME! ....well that sucks to be his ass he better just move the hell on cause I aint having his dam baby...

What the hell is wrong with niggahs now a days???

Some niggah on my aim buddy list right? He always hitting me up talking about he want to eat some pussy. So I be like well go eat some. *Can I eat yours??* can you believe he asked me that???. Like what the fuck wrong with him I told him *HELL NO*. He dumb I bet he going around asking females can he eat them out and some of them proballii say yes. *shaking me head*

Dam smirroff ice got me feeling a little tipsy....whoop whoop

Well thats it for this post smooches!!


MR. CHAP said...

Oh well...forget that deadbeat godmother

That whole exchange with Jay in the txt msg was kinda weird...

The AIM dude is the reason why people can't take internet conversations seriously. Doesn't he know that you're a real person? Would he randomly ask chicks at the mall if he could eat their pussy? jeez...

Teems said...

I HAD a friend like that. It didnt work out too well... After many many many years. I'm not going to lie I wanted her in my life she was too flaky and inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Alright tipsy!!!:)

Lil Honey B said...

Wow! Some crazy ish goin on. I would confront the "godmother". Not in a mean way, just like, hey, you been acting kinda stand offish, did I do somethin to offend? If so, can we talk about it? If she come clean then kool, if not, then u don't need her...
Jay was wrong for that. He should've let you know he was comin. The AIM dude has issues...po thang needs a regular g/f!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm Smirroff! O how i love thee! Lol