Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The way it is

*The Way It Is* I love that reality show and I must watch it everytime it comes on. Even if I already saw a certain episode I will watch it again. YUP imma fein. This show is very emotional, shit be having me in tears half the dam time. For real. Keyshia Cole is the real deal for real because it took alot for her to put her life on the air like that because she proballii knows that its alot of people that go through the samethings as her and her family go through. People can learn alot from that show believe it or not. Its true though....

Now lets talk about the fucking asshead dude that pissed me off while I was watching *The way it is*

My *Available status on aim* said *YAY Keyshia Cole the way it is show is on...so u already know im watching it LoL... Why Neffe g
ot on so much of lip gloss?*........and this asshead dude hits me up (by the way he calls his self YG)..but I call him Bitch or asshead sometimes...

YG:Wat u doin

I ignored him when he said that, so 3 minutes later


ME:Doesnt it say wat im doin in my available
YG:How u know I read dat

first off how the fuck he not see it when he go to send me a AIM, his lying ass

YG:Cuz she a crac head

I assumed he was answering the question in my aim status "Why Neffe got on so much lip gloss?"

ME:No she not watch your mouth
ME:Just because her mom was a crack head doesnt mean she was one

I meant to say "doesnt mean she is one" but he got what I meant I guess

YG:O well dat whole fam nuts
ME:Naw Naw

YG:Yea Yea
YG:Wit all dem kid she a hoe
YG:U heard

Yes it pissed me off that he called Neffe a hoe.

ME:No she not a hoe cuz all her girls got the same
father and her son got a different father, maybe if her ex husband(Daughter's Father) would of never cheated maybe her son would of been his.
ME:U gon stop dissin my fam bam

No they not really my family...lol I dont even know wat made me say that

YG:Dey getting paid off a TV show 4 having a fucced up fam lol

I thought that was very mean of him to say...dont yall think that was mean?

ME:Shut up im not talking to u until 2m leave me alone u piss me off
YG:Wat u gonna do really tho

WTF the fuck he mean what imma do???

ME:U pissing me off.....shut up dam

Well after that last Aim I sent, he finally shut up..THank god..But yeah I kinda think its really mean when people just come out of nowhere and say somebody a crackhead just because somebody else in the person family is or was one. Thats not nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So what if Neffe or Frankie or whoever else in Keyshia Cole's family acts krazy or whatever thats them and who they are if people cant expect them for who they are than so thats on them people because Nef
fe and whoever else will always be themselves. You dont have to be a Crack head to be KRAZY!!!.... People are people and they can act how the fuck they want.Right??. You cant change people remember that.....

And by YG calling her a hoe just uggggghhh got to me because if he feels she is a hoe why he even watching the show?? He must like her right?? And Why the fuck he even worried??


Anyways...That Keyshia's show will always be my favorite, Imma get the DVD too, hopefully somebody buy it for me..lol

Yoooooooooo Keyshia Cole album is off the ho
ok I was listening to it today on her myspace page..Im about to download the album on Ares for $0.00...
Keyshia Cole is a very pretty Lady *No Homo*...She's my Idol...

Im out SmoOchEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teems said...

Though I cant catch that show too much with my current line up, I like the transparent nature of her show.... as ghetto as it may seem its real and shows the REAL imperfections of family. But regardless of the dysfunction they love eachother.

Teems said...

Oh yea, lol to that dude. Seems like today was the day for the IM bugs. But if hes so bad why did you give him the knew IM? I learned my lesson....lmao

Danielle said...

I really like Keyshia Cole. She seems like a really down to Earth person. Her family though? They're a bunch of crazy ass mofo's! LOL.

Latoya said...


Black And Single said...

it is really nice one

Nellz said...

wow thats crazy and i loveee me some keyshia and the show butttt I put the HILLS over it whitney getting her new show called THE CITY!!! yay!!!