Monday, February 16, 2009

Boring Mondays

Yes mondays seem so boring, I cant believe I been in the house all day. Didnt even step foot in the hallway today and usally I do but I dont know whats wrong with me. Maybe cause Im missing my babii cuzzin but I know sooner or later I will be just fine. Tommorow im going outside I dont care how cold it is out there either. LoL. Well here lately I been taking pictures. So imma share them with yall.

Pretty Flicks or what??....People keep saying im getting FAT. Which is not true in my eyes. Maybe they saying that cause im always saying "Im hungry". Shit I really do be hungry LoL. I love food and cant live without some. If Im angry you better go get me some food. Cause it calms me down alot.

Dam im really missing Chris like krazii..I ask myself how much longer can I go holding him down???..than I say "thats a stupid question" because if I made it this far holding him down I can go further!!...right? what yall think??.. I love him to death so im always gon be here for him.
Wishing he hurry up and come home thats all.


Im so bored in this dam house. It really sucks so much for real!!!
Dam I feel like a I need a new life..SHit I do need a new Life.

Imma start changing mad shit!!

Change is always good!!!!

Im going to grease my scalp so imma end this post!

I might type another one before I go to bed thats if im not to tired after I grease my scalp!!!



Miss.Fortune said...

stay strong mama
u made it this far
and ppl call me hungry hippo cuz im always eatin lol..greedy!
but ur not gettin fat..atleast not from what i can see

Lil Honey B said...

You are still small. You don't look fat. Patience is a virtue nad all will be well.

Ms. Naomie said...

girl you are not fat
haven't you seen females that fall the fxck off once they have a baby! lol
you look just fine