Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts & shit I collected

Why is it so dam cold today?? {well to me it is maybe not to some of yall}
I cant stand the cold but I sleep very well when im nice and cold. LoL weird right? Yea I know.

I still got these dam box braids in, shit I had them in since feb 6th. So you already know I got mad
new growth. Well im not sure to when im taking these shits out. I can see my grey strands of hair too only up really close though. SMH how fucking sad is that...

Im glad to see that some people in this are changing. Thats very good too!!!!

why do I be up sometimes pass 2:OOam and dont even be sleepy. Some nights I have to force myself to sleep....

YAY my lil man turn the big 2 on the 24th. Yes he getting big, I cant believe it. I miss him being a new born. Awww those was the days....

Is my man coming home next month???Shit I really hope so I aint see him in months, im tryna go see him soon though.

Why is it so dam boring???

273 buddies on aim and how many I hit up or hit me up ?? Proballii like a 100 0f them.

Ok this it for this post cuz my thigh got a pain in it ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh and im via-laptop


Tima And Nasha said...

Hey its Tima and Yeah its COLD out my back all stiff like a old person when it gets cold! Lol
Awwh ya lil man gonna be 2! How cute my godson is 3 he skipped terrible two's and is actin a fool at 3! Lol.

I hope ya man gets out soon i will pray on that situation for you.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

It's Hot out here lol.