Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1st

All the shit I go through I would of thought I could be up to like my 300th post by now but I'm not. Yeah sometimes I just can't seem to put my thoughts down in a post. My mind be going crazy. It be all over the place. Well its MONDAY and this day seems like the slowest day in the week. I guess cause its the beginning of the week right? Well hope this week goes by cause I mostly like FRIDAY better than any other days. 

Who saw the Grammy's last night? I did! 

Beyonce- She already know she the shit & I loved her performance
 Mary J Blige - She the truth!
Lady Gaga- Weirdo and she scares me lol. But thats good she got her VERY OWN style. Never saw anybody dress the way she does!
Wayne- When he gon cut his dreads? & He needed to get rid of the flag out his pocket!
Drake- He remind me of a teddy bear lol I don't know why though
Taylor Swift- .......really don't know what to say about cause I never listened to her music and I just started knowing who she was cause of Kanye West!
Rihanna - Why was her face like that during the MJ Tribute? 
Eminem - He raps so fast!
Usher- Voice still the same !
MJ Tribute - Was very nice, it should of been longer though & I wish I had some 3D glasses though =( !
Pink - I forgot about her & her performance was good too. 
Jay Z- I love his walk!

This is until next post!



Reggie said...

Taylor Swift can;t carry a damn note to save her life. MISS YOU TOYA!

Miss.Fortune said...

lol great way to sum it all up lol
but if you ever need to just blog out your thoughts and emotions..we are here to read. sometimes it can be difficult cuz you dont want all your business out there

炫風 said...

生活盡可低,志氣當高潔 ..................................................

Don said...

Pink's performance was incredible. I too cringe @ Lady Gaga. But, as you stated, she's doing her thang. Love some Mary J. Blige.

@ too funny @ Reggie's comment.

Anonymous said...

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